10 Great Reasons to Support Public Art

10 Great Reasons to Support Public Art

Public art is a great way to showcase one’s talent to the outside world. One of the significant reasons to support these types of public art and artforms is because they’re very close to humanity and resonates with the history and culture of living beings. They inspire us to forest creativity, and also bridge values between our cultures. They help the human race in building our surroundings socially, emotionally and economically in the long run.

Let’s discuss the ten great reasons to support public art, in this article:

Arts improve well being

Nearly 63% of the world population believes that engaging in viewing or taking part in public art will enhance their well-being and over 64% of them believe that they bring pure pleasure and amazing experience to participate in the real-time world of art.

Arts improve academic performance.

Students are often advised to indulge in arts and view public art displays because studies have depicted to improve the performance in GPAs, college rates and test scores. These academic benefits are imperative to boost the socio-economic status of the students.

Arts unify the communities.

It is a no-brainer that art is present in every field and every community. According to reports, nearly 67% of the Americans believe that art unifies different communities and brings together different people of the world together.

 Art strengthen economy

 Art strengthen economy

Since public art and culture are or public display, it adds to the economy and boosts the strength of the country’s revenue. In 2014, nearly $730 billion revenue was generated in the US  by a display of public art and culture, alone.

Arts provide opportunities to small artists.

Arts provides professional opportunities to artists and also adds to their livelihood. It also cultivates an environment where the class of culture and economy thrives.

Arts drive small and local business.

In addition to the generation of economy, arts also add to a stable income of the local businesses. According to various reports collected from across the world, nearly 34% of the attended public art displays and functions are from abroad or foreign states. Nearly $31.47 is spent on such local public art galleries, in a state, apart from the entry fees to a venue.


Arts enhance creativity

By viewing public arts and painting, people often get great ideas and an inspiration to lead better and meaningful lives. It is a no-brainer that artists are five times more creative than any normal human being. Hence, this is a good enough reason to gain inspiration from them.

Art improves healthcare

Nearly half of the global population is advised to indulge in some activities that welcome art into their lives.  Some of the hospitals also voluntarily involve the use of public art culture into the lives of their patients because they are believed to enhance health.

Arts enhances the social impact.

Having gatherings to witness art in a living society leads to engagement among the public and enhance social cohesion.

Art enhances well-being

Art enhances well-being

Lastly, viewing and indulging in public art and art forms enhances a person’s well-being.

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