25 Contemporary Artworks You Need to See

25 Contemporary Artworks You Need to See

The contemporary art form is defined as the one that is developed in 1945. For decades, art forms, genres, styles etc. have changed over the years. We will look at the top 25 contemporary artworks that you ought to see, at least once in a lifetime.

Campbell’s Soup cans

Campbell’s Soup cans by Andy Warhol was created in 1962 that users consumed mass media in the world, that expresses a careful repetition of items or soup cans.


Louise Bourgeois created Maman in 1990, which is a 30feet high spider sculpture. The sculpture contains an egg sac that contains 32 marble eggs within it.

Autumn Rhythm

Autumn Rhythm was created in 1950 by Jackson Pollock, and it is regarded as one of those artworks that cannot be missed. It is the perfect painting that uses the drip painting technique.

I still Face you

I still Face you

This is a beautiful contemporary style painting by Njideka Akunyili Crosby, developed in 2015. The painting is vibrant, with a hint of a mix of dual cultural experiences in her vibrant artwork.

The Physical Impossibility of death in the Mind of Someone Living

This was developed in 1991 by Damien Hirst where formaldehyde was used in the contemporary artwork to create a shark, and the shark was replaced in 2004.

The Girl Who Had everything

This is a painting by Cecily Brown that was created in 1998 that depicts the texture of high lush work. It consists of mend of colours and is an amalgam between the Old baroque masters and the abstract expressionism.

Infinity Mirror room

This room was created in 1965 by Yayoi Kusama and is described as the most eccentric artforms of all times.


Untitled was created in 1982, by Keith Haring, which consist of dynamic figures that depict a Pop Style form of art.


Another contemporary painting named untitled was created in 1981 by Jean Michel, which is an enigma for all the art critics, which raises so many questions in the minds of the viewers.


This was one of those arts that kickstarted the career for jenny Saville in 1992, which was considered as the most expensive artwork by a female artist.

Girl with Balloon

Girl with Balloon

This is an iconic mural that was created in the waterloo bridge of London in 2002, by Banksy.

My Bed

AS the name suggests, My bed depicts the true picture e of the artists’ bed – Tracey Emin in 1998, where she was laying in bed, drinking alcohol and fighting through her difficulties.

Look, Mickey

This painting is a recreating of the already existing scene from the Mickey, by Roy Lichtenstein.

Flower ball

It portrays the Japanese art, Takashi Murakami created that in 2002.

Portrait of the artist

This painting was done in 1972 and is considered the most expensive art piece by a living artist – David Hockney.

Door 84

The art contains dynamics with vivid colours, and it was developed in 1984.

Balloon dogs

Balloon dogs

It was developed by Jeff Koons who generally has a distinctive take on contemporary art.

Ceiling of Paris

Although this artwork is slightly controversial, It is one of the famous work by Marc Chagall.

Self Portrait

It was Frida Kahlo’s last painting/portrait that was created in 1948.


In 1985, Lucian Freud created a merciless depiction of figures known as the Reflection.

Prenez soin de vous

It was Sophie Calle’s boyfriends’ last message that she converted into an artwork in 2007.

Angel of the north

It is an anthropomorphic statue that was developed in 1998.


It is a mural developed in honour of the child victims of the 2008 Japan earthquake.

Three studies of Lucian Freud

It is the most expensive painting of the British artist named Francis Bacon, that was sold in 2013.

Orange, red, yellow

They’re nothing but colours that broke the record of the auction in 2012.

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